Q. Do I need a fishing license on the Wharf Cat or Scat Cat?

A. Yes, as of September 1, 2007 all fishermen will be required to have a Texas Fishing License.

Q. Does Fisherman's Wharf sell fishing licenses?

A. No, You will need to purchase a Texas fishing licenses prior to boarding.

You can buy your fishing at a Wal-mart HEB or at the local convenience store

or Buy Fishing licenses online.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Sunscreen, camera, money for the snack bar and a towel or rag to wipe you hands on (we sell them in the store should you forget yours) and leave an ice chest in your car to take your catch home in.

Q. What is provided on fishing trips aboard the Wharf Cat and Scat Cat?

A. Bait, rods, reels and tackle are provided. (The Scat Cat is equipped with electric tackle used on bottom fishing trips).

Q. Are reservations recommended?

A. Yes, we highly recommend reservations on all fishing trips and we welcome walk-ons when space is available. Please call 800-605-5448 for availability and reservations.

Q. Is food and drink available aboard the Wharf Cat and Scat Cat?

A. Yes, there is a full concession serving hot/cold foods, drinks snacks, etc. No outside food, drinks or coolers allowed on board.

Q. What age is considered a child?

A. 12 years and under.

Q. How many people are needed in a group to qualify for a group rate?

A. A minimum of 20 adults are needed to qualify for a group rate and one person must pay for the entire group.

Q. Will seasickness be a problem?

A. While our catamarans are a large and provide a very smooth ride some people do experience seasickness. Prescribed and over the counter drugs are available for this condition and Fisherman’s Wharf recommends that you check with your physician before taking any medications for seasickness.

Q. If I do not want to fish, is there a spectator rate for riding along on a fishing trip?

A. Yes, spectators who choose to not fish will be charged the child's rate for the trip.

Q. Are there restrooms on board?

A. Yes, men's and women's facilities are on the Wharf Cat and Scat Cat.

Q. What are the capacities for passengers when fishing?

A. The Wharf Cat and Scat Cat can accommodate up to 92 people for fishing charters.

Q. How long before departure time should I arrive at Fisherman's Wharf?

A. Please allow at least 30 minutes prior to departure. There is a U.S.C.G. safety meeting that is held 15 minutes before departure time that all customers must attend prior to boarding the boat.

Q. Will I keep the fish I catch?

A. Yes, unless the fish you catch does not meet the legal size/limit regulations.

Q. Is there a fish cleaning service available?

A. Yes, Fisherman's Wharf has a fish house that offers fish cleaning, packaging and storage, or you may take your fish with you and clean it yourself.

Q. Are gratuities required or expected?

A. No, but our crews work very hard to make you trip enjoyable and appreciate your tips.

Q. Are major credit cards accepted when paying for deep sea charters?

A. Yes.

Q. Why do catamarans provide a smoother ride?

A. The twin hulls are more stable than single hulled boats. There is less rocking motion on a catamaran as there is more water displaced.

Q. Is there a guarantee that everyone aboard will catch fish, and if not, is there a refund for those who do not?

A. While our crew and captains try very hard for everyone to catch fish, we cannot guarantee that all will, therefore, we do not offer refunds to those who do not catch fish.

Q. Some of the other charter boat businesses in Port Aransas are adding fuel surcharges to their ticket prices due to the extreme increases in fuel costs. Will Fisherman's Wharf add a fuel surcharge to their ticket prices?

A. No. Fisherman's Wharf will NOT be adding a fuel surcharge to their ticket prices.